When you think solar, the next thing that comes that should come to mind is your roof. Solar panels and a good roof are supplementary to each other. So what you should ask yourself is, is my roof in order to hold the solar system am about to install? At Sunrgy solar we understand the hassle of getting a roofing contractor to fix your roof before you can have the installer company install solar power on your roof. That’s why we offer the roofing service at friendly prices. We have licensed roofing contractors apart from being licensed solar contractors. This enables us to carry out any services including roof-integrated solar systems as well as roof refurbishment to pave way for the solar panels.

Residential Roofing

Sunrgy Solar is determined to start with you on any project; be it solar installation or roofing projects. We are committed to completing the project efficiently while collaborating with you step-by-step to bring your house into the haven you need. We are different from others because we take a consultative approach in helping you. We make sure that we understand your goals before we can take on any project. We take the best approach to fulfill your goals and even when your project is done, we follow up with you to ensure satisfaction.

Our Residential Services

Our team of professionals is ready for any roof task that comes our way, including;

  • Solar energy roof integrated using the latest technology
  • If needed, roof replacement
  • Roof repairs to get you ready for the rainy seasons
  • Roof inspections to make sure it’s right for solar energy and that it’s a solid investment when buying a property
  • Gutters installation, to keep your home and foundation safe

We understand that your home is your biggest investment. Having a roof in the USA that has good aesthetics and well maintenance is condemnatory to take care of that investment. Whether you need very minor repairs or major roofing projects we are here for you.

Signs that you need your roof checked and evaluated

  • Having broken tiles
  • A lot of detritus on your roof
  • Loss of granules like seen on your driveways and walkways
  • Roof cracking or rather ponding water on your roof
  • Prove of a leak on the plywood overhangs
  • Building up of Mold and mildew buildup

Solar energy installation and roofing is a no brainer. It is very important that you choose a very good contractor that only works with the best and high quality of solar panels and type of roofing. We mainly focus on American made products that are highly warranted. Our products are from top leading roofing and solar panel manufacturers in the USA.

Whether your interest is in solar energy, roofing or any other service, Sunrgy solar is committed to providing an unprecedented customer experience out of your imagination. To you, this means we are going to deliver the best services, best equipment, best installations, and the best value of the components. This will be an assurance of getting you the best return on your investment. Think Sunrgy Solar, whenever you think of solar energy and roofing,