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Solar Panel Installation

Complete Solar System Installation with a variety of options to fit your needs.


Roofing repair or replacement solutions available.


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Sunrgy Solar was organized to deliver green energy products and solutions that people around the world need. By partnering with Global leaders, in alternative energy solutions, as well as local companies, who deliver these solutions, Sunrgy Solar not only provides clean forms of power based on solar but also, Sunrgy Solar delivers value to their customers by helping them reduce their recurring energy costs. As a result, customers can choose between power providers and hence experience efficiencies in their energy costs. Sunrgy Solar offer their customers the opportunity to make a difference to the environment by supporting cleaner, renewable sources of energy.

The services offered are a manifestation of our core values that describes a company determined to exceed its customers expectations.

Sunrgy Solar core values:

These values represent what Sunrgy Solar stands for and believe in. These values resonate with and reinforce the Sunrgy Solar mission and purpose.


Sunrgy Solar ensures its systems and people have the ability to do things progressively and consistently while serving its clients through maintaining reliable channels of responsiveness to queries and indoctrinate in-house practices such as knowledge sharing, time management, process excellence and personally credible in execution of tasks with minimum supervision as much as possible. In return the Enterprise enjoys fruits of operational excellence.


This value focuses on Sunrgy Solar’s ability to foster customer intimacy through inspiring trusting relationships at speed. And in so doing their team creates unparalleled customer success coupled with quick decisive thinking, maintaining quality and reliable business partner when offering energy solutions.

Stakeholder Success

Sunrgy Solar care about their employees, customers, suppliers and partners by showing respect, support in supplying innovative energy solutions, and being responsive to queries and enquiries hence this not only nurtures Sunrgy Solar brand outlook as the market leader in the energy space but also demonstrates visible benefits of customer retention. At Sunrgy Solar they value and always reward success.

Courageous Integrity

Sunrgy Solar adheres to maintaining high moral principles and protecting the professional standards of the various professions within the Enterprise. They assure value to their customers by modeling their behaviors around integrity and ethical leadership. Throughout the business relationships with their stakeholders they pledge to uphold discretion, moral uprightness and dignity at all times.


Sunrgy Solar aims to make a difference through its services by partnering with higher learning education institutions in offering internship programs, widen their resourcing strategies and publish articles that will help institutions in the energy field aspire to keep up with the global trends. In return enhance the quality of engagement and commitment between Community and the Company.

Renewable energy resources like solar power generate electricity with little or no pollution and global warming emissions. Sunrgy Solar is in the business of making clean energy solutions. We are facing a global climate issue and it is up to individuals to make a contribution to avoid further damage to the climate and enable economic development. Sunrgy Solar is determined to providing customized power solutions through alternative energy sources. They pride themselves in their ability to deliver cost-effective, simple, easy to install and practical solutions.


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Our main goal is to educate people about the nature of electricity companies and to help make the transition to solar as easy as possible. At Sunrgy Solar, we have a team of  passionate and experienced consultants who will help you achieve your energy goals.

  • "Sunrgy was honest and straight forward and explained solar in a way I could understand."

    Richard Z
    I had been investigating solar for a number of years before I finally made the move to get it last year. During that time I spoke with a number of companies about solar and received a number of quotes. I got the normal sales pitch from all of them except one - Sunrgy. Sunrgy was honest and straight forward and explained solar in a way I could understand. Most importantly, they gave me realistic numbers regarding how much usable power would be produced by a solar system which enabled me to properly size the system to fit my power needs and meet my goal of having a zero electric bill. I've had solar for 5 months now and I'm pleased to report that the system is exceeding my expectations in terms of power produced. I highly recommend Sunrgy if you're thinking about moving to solar.
  • "Create with the heart; build with the mind."


    "Clearly, Sunrgy Solar is the best in the business".

    Sunrgy Solar exemplifies the passion needed to do anything successfully. From conception to installation, everything in the process has been thought out and executed perfectly. This is what the Sunrgy Solar team brought to my project.

What makes Sunrgy different?
AAt Sunrgy, we pride ourselves in doing solar the correct way. All job sites are provided with permits and plans that are up to code and installers that have done over 500 homes without issues. All of our customers have had their electric bills completely eliminated because of our unique formula to calculate system sizes to determine the number of panels needed  to eliminate your bill. Other companies sell you less to get the sale and do not tell the truth about the efficiency and CEC rating of solar! We at Sunrgy, help the homeowner understand CEC and why it causes homeowners that have gone solar to continue having electric costs! We will get your bill down to just the connection fee ($10 -$13) which is mandatory even if we give you more panels than you need.
What is CEC rating?
AThe acronym CEC stands for California Energy Commission. CEC rating is different from Kilowatts, as CEC is what your system actually produces under real conditions. For example: a 320 watt panel has a CEC/PTC rating of only 233 watts. The inverter is 98% efficient and so the CEC of the panel is actually 228. Other companies do not tell you about this, as it increases their profit margins! Sunrgy gives homeowners the amount of Kilowatts needed to reach the required system size in CEC, thus eliminating the electric bill and giving increased energy credits for future overage consumption!
Why go Solar?
AFirstly, it is a true renewable source of energy with zero emission.  You will be doing your part to preserve our planet for future generations.  Secondly, it frees you from a utility company and their unfair tiers. These companies are designed to make money and do it in manipulative ways by raising your yearly rate by 5-15%. These are not government owned facilities, they are private and often do not even generate electricity. They make money purchasing energy from other utility companies and up charging you! You can have an electric bill reduced to a few dollars by switching to solar, locking in future savings for decades. Solar increases your property value as well!
Does solar pay off?
A Absolutely! Think of all the years you payed your bill with no end to it! Month by month you pay the bill and it does not stop! With solar, we remove your electric cost, and replace it with a financing bill that it equal to or close to what you were paying on electricity. This locks your payments, as they increase year to year under homeowner’s noses. With the way the utility companies constantly raise prices, homeowners are usually unable to notice how much more they pay yearly. Overall, we can bring your return of investment lower than any other companies. We overcompensate our systems and teach energy efficiency so homeowners can get the most out of their systems.
How long does it take to get your money back from solar?
ADepending on the home, we can bring your return of investment as low as 6-8 years with warranties that cover power efficiency for 25 years! That’s over 15 years of almost completely eliminated electric bills.
How long does it take to have a system up?
AWe can have a residential home done in just a few days. The longest wait will be to ensure efficiency, obtain permits, and create plans for the city. Generally, we can have a system up on the roof in 3-6 weeks after signing.

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