An electrical main panel is an electrical panel that gives provision to the connection of different power circuits in the house. The electrical main panel houses the circuit breakers rated at different amperage depending on the house utilities. Typically, the electrical main panel is found inside the house or on a wall on the outside of the house. It’s mainly a distribution of power. Depending on the amount of power needed in a certain house, you can have different types of Electrical main panels. Sometimes they are classified into single phase and three phase electrical main panels. This is a very important device when it comes to electrical installation.

All the electrical main panels around are designed to handle a specific number of circuit breakers and amount of current that flow. Circuit breaker available on the panel allows a specific amount of current to flow hence protecting home appliances from overvoltages. Depending on the quality and the year of installation of the electrical main panel in your house, it might be outdated to a level that it cannot be integrated with solar energy. It could also be having no provisions for more circuit breakers that may be needed during solar energy installation. In such a case, the electrical main panel should be upgraded prior to solar energy installation. But it can also be installed together with solar energy as one job

When the agreement between the contractor and the homeowner has been signed, the upgrading of the electrical main panel will include; a new electrical main panel that fits your household, labor required materials, and al government permits required.

  1. Itemized electrical estimate of the total cost of upgrading the panel.
  2. Issues with permits are also usually sorted before any upgrading can take place.
  3. Setting aside with good weather for the installation date.
  4. Power will be switched off during and throughout the upgrading period
  5. When the upgrading is done homeowner or the contractor schedules for an inspection

Upgrading our electrical main panel allows you to connect the solar energy system to your house without any extra cost. It also provides more current and more provision for circuit breakers. Upgrading your panel may also increasing and chance of installing larger solar energy system in your home. More so if you are considering to increase the size of the battery bank or an outlet for electric car charging. To have the best aesthetics of the work after we are done, the panel is usually installed in same location as the original panel.

Sunrgy is licensed electrical contractor, in addition to being a licensed solar contractor. This enables us to take on jobs such as electrical main panel upgrading and solar energy installation with no fear of doubts from anyone. We provide integrated solutions that we design to suit best to our clients. The cost of upgrading the panel is way low compared to the benefits that you enjoy thereafter.

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